FullCircle was born in August 1999 with the serendipitous meeting of Norah Love, Reid Wilson and Barb and Don Cavin. In 2001 bass player, Doug Hutchinson, was discovered by the group and soon became a permanent addition. The resulting blend of voices, instruments and original arrangements was magical and soon led the group to the production of it's first CD, "No Straight Lines". The album covered 17 new and traditional folk songs (as well as the occasional swing/country number) in original arrangements and four part harmonies ------ one of the group's signature attributes. The members of FullCircle are passionate about their craft and exude a joy and vitality in delivering their music, which is engaging and contagious for their audiences.

As with all things, change is inevitable, and in 2002, Barb and Don Cavin moved on to other artistic pursuits leaving Reid, Norah and Doug to carry on as a trio. Before long, the yearning for that full four-part sound emerged, again, and a search began for the right voices and instruments to fill out the arrangements. In the fall of 2003, the group chanced upon John and Anna Ioannou whose passion for music matched their own. John's accomplished bouzouki and guitar work, and Anna's facility with the keyboard and flute filled out the sound in new ways and the four part harmonies, for which FullCircle had always been known, were once again possible. Happily, John and Anna officially joined FullCircle in 2004. The group is currently working on new and familiar repertoire, which they hope will continue to delight the ears of their listeners. While still true to their folk roots, FullCircle now adds a smattering of upbeat folk/rock/pop tunes as well as a selection of Greek/Macedonian numbers, which highlight John and Anna’s musical contributions.