With the dark and the lonely sea,
Between my true love and me,
I‘ve been wanderin’ through this cold, hard town.
As I wait for a better day,
I could use a place to stay,
Or a floor where I could lay my blanket down.

Chorus: If I could beg, steal or borrow
A ticket on some ship or plane,
I’d be leaving London tomorrow,
to fly to my own love again.

Up at dawn to change my shirt,
And to wash away the dirt,
Then it’s over to American Express.
Not one letter did I find -
No, she never sent one line –
Even though she has my forwarding address.

Last night the Troubador
Was so full they barred the door,
And I played a song she knows quite well,
But it wouldn’t take too long
To make up another song,
About this lonesome boy’s last farewell.

written by Tom Paxton (ASCAP)
EMI U Catalog Inc.