What people are saying about NO STRAIGHT LINES

"Wow Norah, what a great CD! And I'm not just saying that because I know you. The song choices for the CD were excellent. The vocals, especially the harmonies, are fantastic, and the musicianship ... is superb. It makes for a really amazing CD for peoples' enjoyment and listening pleasure. My compliments to FullCircle and I hope that you are planning on releasing another CD somewhere down the road. Thanks FullCircle for putting this CD together and sharing your musical talent with us fans. Claude White - Durham Folk Circle."

"The CD FullCircle is wonderful. I/we especially enjoyed "All My Life's A Circle", which D and I first discovered at a Sid Simon Values Realization workshop. Loved Reid's whistling and singing on "Gypsy Rover" and we both laughed lots at "NaCl" love song."

"Your CD is especially fun listening when I exercise as most of the songs are rhythmic enough so I can really move to them .... which makes it easier to work out."

"I love the harmonies .... very rich and full."

"It sounds - and looks - like you all have fun together."

"Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!"

"Have just listened to your new CD and enjoyed it immensely. What a great way to begin the day."

"It really is an excellent production...a real treasure."

"The CD is outstanding. I have had it playing since it arrived and love it."

"Congratulations!! Mazel Tov!! What a beautiful album you guys have given birth to. We picked it up last week and it has been playing since."

"Your voices blend beautifully, and the tunes are rendered so musically - it's a pleasure."

"Very inviting to sing with, dance to, exercise to etc. What a fun, nostalgic collection of songs."